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here they are called lé pigéon

i've been feeling really crappy lately, like headache/sinus problems and sore muscles from sleeping funny/bad dreams mostly

yet XD

even though i feel like crap, i force myself to do things i don't want to do or something that i know will only aggrivate me further.

:'D like edit my current minidisk.

XD the program that came with it is kind of a kick in the face by jesus' mule friend, holy mule. so usually when i want to add a song to a minidisk i have made i just erase the whole thing and start from scratch or toss the minidisk aside and burn a whole new one.

so i have like 9 stupid minidisks laying around, unlabeled, with basicly the same songs on them.

:o so because i'm a glutton for agrimony, i made myself sit here and edit the current one i'm listening too.

X3 mostly because i only wanna add some Sleeping At Last and Ayumi Hamasaki, also because i recently dumped all my mp3s into one folder and i don't really know where anything is cause some things aren't labeled right and i only knew what they were by where they were located on my hd. XD

ps - i have watched all 33 episodes of live action sailor moon TToTT

oh yea ..

XD those bastards at work.

my boss had a death in her family and had to go out of state and left me in charge.

:'D only no one told me. so i get into work today and check my email and everything and there's and email (sent to everyone) that i'm in charge while she's gone and its dated like a couple of days ago (while i was off) XDDD

also, the chief decided he was going to change our schedule to cut down on over time (for some reason a lot of us overlap for no real reason) but from what i can tell all he did was move everyone forward 2 hours, which still leaves us all over lapping XD only two hours later in the day.

XD i could be a real bastard and abuse my 'boss' powers and approve the time off i need to go visit shufu in cali, but i'd really rather romi was here to approve it :'D cause i know she was say ok and i think, if i work on the wednesday before we have to go to utah i can save thirty hours of my vacation time for that ;u;

*edit* i think i meant acrimony XD i get the two mixed up because of that lisa loeb song furious rose.
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