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what the hell did you do exactly last summer?

eh did jennifer love hewitt write/sing the song my only love that was used in the north american version of sailor moon episode a clear day?

XD this seems kind of .. unlikely, but who knows with that crazy love hewitt girl.

i tried to look some stuff up, but i have a headache and all i keep getting is amazon listings ;u;

some places credit her for writing only, others credit her for singing it for the show, then there are some that say she both wrote and sung it specificly for the show. XD and then! there are some that credit a girl named jennifer cihi for singing and some guy named michael benghiat for writing it. :d i wish i had my old sailor moon cd case still, i bet that bitch would know.

ps - let's all stab mio in the eye thirtyhundredandeleventy times, also i don't like her nose.

pps - it doesn't really sound like jennifer love hewitt, she has a love-hewitt style of singing doesn't she? :'D
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