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oh my mom, she so crazy

XD i downloaded like 15 episodes of live action sailormoon last night.

:o now some questions!

the senshi are guardiens of the moon kingdom, and they are protectors of the moon princess but ..

they instantly believe that sailor venus is the princess. XD

my mom was watching some and she kept saying that some of the actresses had to have had some plastic surgery cause they were too pretty XD specificly cause they're eyes where nicely shaped, so i told her about that eyelid glue.

:'D so then she kept asking which one was sailor moon, like when venus or mars were on the screen. so i had to keep pointing out usagi/sailor moon to her and she goes "... why couldn't they get any of that glue for sailor moon? that orange one is a lot prettier then her" XD

*o* i had forgotten about the venus love me chain!
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