☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

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XD wtf, ebay is an asshole TTuTT

i was bidding on same dailies from wrecked (more naked james marsters *o*) and the auction was supposed to end today, so i go to check on it and it's gone. so i'm like "XD wtf?" and have to go through the tons and tons of crap in my aol email before i find an email from ebay (though i missed it the first couple of times cause it doesn't really say ebay on it where you can see it) only to find out they pulled the auction cause of copyright infringment.

XD then at the bottom it says something like "ebay strongly suggests that you do not go through with this transaction" which i fucking would just to piss ebay off, only i don't remember the name of the seller and the auction info has been purged from the ebay database.
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