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it's that time again ..

XD fucking stupid ass cops

;u; recently someone i've known for a long time found out that i was a police dispatcher and she asked me what it was like.

my reply was "the one thing that working for the police has taught me is that i was right in hating the police to begin with" :'D sadly that's for the most part true.

ok, so we're paying such and such amount of money for all these fancy new cell phones for all the officers and yet they still insist on calling here and asking us to call places for them. what the fuck? why? please tell me why? XD if you have a fucking phone on you and have to make a call (that 99.3% of the time is not work related) then why the fuck don't you make the fucking call yourself? XD why? why? why?

a good part of my job description may seem like secritarial functions, but that does not fucking make me your personal fucking secritary.

XDDDDDDDD and! if i fucking tell you some place is closed, i fucking know that it is closed. just because you don't want it to be closed isn't going to magicly make it open if i call. my calls are not magic. and even if they fucking were, i wouldn't waste my magic calls on you're stupid shit :'D (aka i fucking hate you and wish you were dead - really)

:'d i had scheduled a doctor's appointment on the 28th (which at the time, 26 days ago, i thought was a wednesday) i thought i had missed, since it's thursday today, but when i called it turned out that the dumb receptionist had actually scheduled me for the 25th. so i did miss it :')

XD usually people like me, like right off, i am likable. it's like crazy gypsy magic, the way people take to me. :o but as with all things related to (or seeming to come from) gypsys there is a down side. which in this case is some people hating me (i kid you not, when i use the word hate) before they even meet me. the receptionist at my doctors office is one of the handful of people that hate me. i am pretty sure.

:'D i've been going to this doctor's office before it was even a doctors office. i have been going there say about 20 years before this girl even thought about going to work there.
XD so i'm in there last month when i fell and then had to get all those tests done for diabetes and i had to schedule a second appointment with her, so i told her my name and that i needed to make an appointment (also i had been in the office getting tests done for like 3 hours, this will be important in a moment). so she gives me a fucking look and asks me if i'm an indian (XD i wanted to stick my fingers into her brain through her eye sockets). so i say yes, of course i am an indian. XD so she asks me what tribe and if i'd been to the doctor before. so i'm just standing there amazed at what a fucking moron she is.

XD so finally the nurse comes up (she's been watching all of this too, also she's known me since i was like 10 ;u;) and she tries to pass it off like the receptionist is joking, and she's all like haha of course youre a member of the tribe ect ect and then leads me back to her office XDDDD which was good cause i think i may have said something nasty if i had had to say more words at the receptionist :'D

i dislike that i become more bitter with each passing day :d
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