☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

with bea arthur as yume

jebus ;u; i need to stop buying video games. i think i've bought like 10 or 15 (no lie) and i like play them each for about 30 minutes then get bored and draw junk :'d

also, note to self, don't buy any more games with the word tactics in the title.

:'D fucking tacktics ..

my friend got married the other day, and she's in town, i meant to call her and like do something today, but i ended up playing la pucelle tactics forever (then re: survivor - which has no fucking save points? :'D) and didn't really think about it till it was like 1 am.

XD omg, today we went to go eat and i forgot to grab some of my pills for teh diabetes so i missed a dose, then we all skipped dinner, so by the time i finished playing teh video games, i was feeling like i had died :'D actually i don't know if it was because i had missed my pill or maybe cause i hadn't really eaten anything all day, but hell XD

so i ate a bowl of cereal to see if it was low sugar (or which it kind of felt like, but only 304521 times worse) but i didn't really feel better till i drank a dr pepper (i ♥ u dr pepper ;u;)

XD my mom tricked me into getting more fish today. we went to petsmart for cat food and she kept walking by the fish, then she would ask me which ones i thought 'she' should get. so i told her to get some crazy white/silver ones that had big flashy tails and some other junk-y ones that looked crazy. so she got them (i wasnt paying attention) so then she walks over to the goldfish and goes "i need to buy myself some fish" XD so now i have 7 more dumb fish, when i was so so so close to finally closing down my tropical fish tank ;u; (there was only like 2 tiny fish left alive in there)

ps - shoulda asked if shufu wanted to do something this week
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