☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

i recently got to watch ringu: 0 and i really liked it, maybe a lil more then ringu? :'D

XD i always wanted to know more about sadako when she was with the acting troupe. i was surprised at the ending also, since it differed from what um .. miyako(?) discovers concerning the doctor and the well.

it was all very sad, more sad then the original story of rape .

anyway, i've been trying to download ringu: 2 from bt, but i had a bad torrent, and spent the last couple of hours looking for a good one :'D i finally found one.

blah i had written up something for the comic me and shufu are working on, but it really doesn't make any sense, and i don't know if i have it in my brain right now to get it in an order that other people can understand XD
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