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hello good morning, how you do? what makes your rising sun so new?

Use this code: <*font color=yourusername><*b>yourusername<*/b><*/font>, removing all the *s, and replacing "yourusername" with your actual username.


eh, my name is black .. ;u; (damn you jesus)

XD i don't know if i ever shared this story (and i dunno if i can now, cause i've forgotten a lot of it), but over the week that we were in utah having the basketball tourny for my aunt it was established that i was the new jesus, or as i preffer jesus-y2k. XD i can't remember all of the details, but it had something to do with my birthday being on easter and me having gotten the stigmata at work one time.

which is kind of true, i did start bleeding from my right palm with out there being a cut or pain. and not just like a little drop of blood or anything, there was enough blood you would have though i had accidently sliced my palm open pretty badly.

oh! so recently a lot of people have been adding me to their msn lists, and most of the time i do not know who these people are, and i don't really wanna IM them to find out. so the other day this girl IMs me (she recently added me) and we start talking and i thought it might be mite or maybe kairi, only the user name was this long spanish sentence XD so finally i asked her how we knew each other, cause sometimes i get people from OC who i don't know IMing me, but she had found my name from my webpage.

XD now i don't know if i ever had anything up there was was anti-mexican, but i prolly did. cause i think she was trying to get me to say something derogative about mexicans XDDDDDDDDDDD she kept adding these leading questions about texas and other junk, and somehow we got to talking about how there were a lot of hispanics in las vegas and the other southwestern states. so she lives in argentina, and i can't really point to a map and say there is argentina, but i know it's general location, so i thought she would be familiar with that bit of info, but she kept playing dumb about it. XDDDD so then we were talking about common names (i really don't know how or why) and i said i heard a lot more hispanic names now a days (and i wasn't trying to be a bastard, it's true) and all of a sudden she's like "GIVE me an EXAMPLE!" XDDDDDDD like i had offended her or something.

;u; and my mind went blank and all i could think of was maria.
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