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bah painter can fucking blow me XD i am seriously hating on that there bitch, right now.

eh, so. ok. i've been searching for a tutorial for painter 7, specificly a tutorial that someone that has done some anime-type-crap, but i haven't really found any. actually i have found a bunch of tutorials, but they are all kind of .. um ass-crap :'D either, it's miss labeled and it's only a lineart tutorial (which turns out to be really a photoshop tutorial, since you need to fucking switch your image over to photoshop for about 95% of the crap you have to do) or there are steps missing. and along with the missing steps no one really goes into brush settings. i dunno though, maybe i just have a pissy version of painter7 XD also, if there is a mention of brushes, again steps missing or extremly vague descriptions.

XD i can understand if you don't want you're 'secret' way you draw or whatever to get out, but if you're going to make up a tutorial, atleast try to make it helpful.

it's not helpfull if you copy the 'how to scan/ink lineart' tutorial that everyone has stuck in the begining of their tutorials then follow that up with a fully finished image and say that's how you scan/ink/color in painter, jerks XD

ugh and if i have to look at one more crappy tutorial that shows you how to 'draw' by stamping down some vector shapes and drawing dumb faces on them and calling them 'cartoon characters' i'm going to throw up ..


XD i need to find someone who is good at painer 6 and knows what they hell they are doing in painter 7. the only semi-good tutorials i found all where for painter 6 (even though they were labeled as painter 7 tutorials)

:'D i finally figured out that you could load painter 6 brushes into painter 7, so i did actually get to try to draw some crap.

i don't really like anything but the hair XD
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