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random facts as they come to mind

today my glucose level was 216 :D
(>:0 take that human circulatory system!)

shufu is awesome (to teh eXtreme!)

i'm gonna play zenosaga cause simon said it was a good game
(simon sucks and i hope that his house is haunted forealz)

i found a revlon lipgloss the exact shade of pink of my own lips

kohl eyeliner is the best

XD target had those mini coke cans, i bought like 4 dr pepper 6 packs
(which really is like 2 regular dr pepper sixpacks ;u;)

out of the blue today someone from gaia colored one of the lineart-things i submitted to the lineartjam 100 years ago and pmed me to let me know X3

i bought a dishwasher and it's been sitting in my 'dining room' for a week (next to the big screen tv that doesnt work anymore) cause my mom didn't want me to spend 40$ to have it delivered and installed by the store. XD

i think i need shufu to screencap her painter brush settings for me, so i can try to recreate what she's done
(or if any of you wanna pass on some painter tidbits, i'd love you forever)
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