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the minor fall, the major lift .. hallelujah

eh, ok did the friend option for LJ change?

i just added a bunch of oc people into my friends thing, and i'm pretty sure that a number of them were already my friends but they are showing up as not.

also, the other day when i checked my friends page there was an entry in there by someone i didn't friend XD she turned out to be a friend of MH and i didn't mind her being in my friend page cause she seems neat/interesting, but that's not how the friends page works right? it's only supposed to show you people you choose to see right?

and now to increase the cuteness of this entry by 34% some pictures of my cats :D (take that dog lovers)

angelo sleeping among the junk i keep on my bed
(you can see my new alarm clock and the bottom half of my crazy orlando bloom poster XD)

socks sleeping on my (less cluttered ;u;) bed
(you can see my old alarm clock TTuTT)

socks & angelo sleeping together
(i did not stage this picture, they're always doing non-cat things like this. they so crazy; like those girls on living single.)

angelo and the horrible couch we been talking about replacing since 1998 :'d

i should take some pictures of myself now that i got my new camera to take pictures that do not look orange or yellow or like shit :'D but i decided to skip showering this morning and look like the stereotypical greasy mexican

ps - shufu what time are we aiming for tomorrow XD?

pps - i have listen to art of life like 6 times today :'D
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