☆ STARCROSSED PIMP (yume) wrote,

XD omg simon, what would i do with out you? ;u;
simon: whatever slut.
me: whatever dirty slut.
simon: whatever you vaginal secretion.
me: i'd rather be a vaginal secretion then a dirty cunt slut.
simon: you do realise what you just said, right?
me: do, you, realise what i just said?
simon: yea you called yourself a vaginal secretion.
me: ok, so i am a vaginal secretion, a perfectly natural part of the human condition. you on the other hand are a dirty cunt slut. you are not only a slut, but you are a slut who doesnot wash out her cunt, hence it's dirtiness.
simon: ...
me: you figure out which one is worse.
other then that all i did today was read mostly harmless.

oh yea, ok, so my brothers laptop has a s-video port in the back. there's a lil glyph (or whatever) near it with a picture of a tv with an arrow. my upbringing tells me that this port allows me to use an s-video cord to connect the laptop to my tv. but i wasn't exactly brought up by computer technicians, so does this lil glyph mean something else? XD and if it doesn't, then how do you get the damn thing to work. on his last computer it had a video out type thing, and there where a set of fnc buttons that allowed you to switch from laptop to tv. hm now that i think about it, my new video card (for the desktop) has a s-video port-thing too.

:'D does anyone now how to get this to work? eh, also it's a nvidia geforce fx (the desktop is a geforce fx 5200 ultra, i dunno what the laptop one is, but i think its a geforce too) video card
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