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i really have got to find better things to do with my time ..

i have been playing ff5 for like 300 years today :'d

is it really saturday night tonight? :l cause if it is, that means i'm off tomorrow, but .. it feels like i just got off of having time off (that does make sense)

im going to go see shufu monday, that should be fun. we should do something cooky like save the rain forests :D

;u; ♥ i finished So Long and Thanks for All the Fish last night, i think it was my favorite book just cause of the niftiness of fenchurch (also seeing that there was more to arthur then tea and fact stating XD) i got a little put off by the short Young Zaphod Plays It Safe, but after i had finished it i figured it wasn't so bad, but i was tired and didnt feel like reading anymore. i should finish Mostly Harmless tonight, i read the first couple of chapters, and i'm really liking the idea of a second trillian. :3

ps - i tired to download that 30 minute long x japan song last night from kazaa, but the best i got was that crazy gay porn featuring simon rex XD (forealz) this afternoon before i left for work a couple of the song files where downloading with like 3-9 hours to finish, so hopefully when i get home it'll be done :'d

pps - i think i will mess with my lj icons
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