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the train's gone and i am standing alone


yes. damn it. something. blah.


ok, so i've been looking for a new server/host thing for my domains for awhile now, cause right now i have them both through yahoo, and while yahoo is really nice and good, and whatever, it's also pretty crappy when it comes to some of the higherend junk, say things you need to open an oekaki baord (like there aren't a million out there now anyway). so i decided to try out ipower cause that's what ds is using right now.

XD so the sign up and whatever went well and i get an email telling me how to change the routing or whatever of my current domain, so i try to do it (i actually just mucked about cause i don't have the email with me right now) and yahoo is being such a fucktard. at first it appeared that it was going to be really easy, cause 1. it turns out my second domain is registered with yahoo domains and not network solutions (which i cant remember my password for) 2. there should be a link that allows me to change the ips (like the email says too)


;u; the link to change the ips isn't there (even though the stupid yahoo help pages all say it is)

XD so, ipower has another way to do it where you give them your account info and they go in an change everything for you. i was kind of wary about this option cause i don't like the idea of giving them my password, but then i thought, well hell that account is as good as closed, so whats it matter if they have the password right XD?

i was so going to write something else here, but i forgot what it was. :'d maybe it was about trying to learning japanese again, maybe i can hire shufu ;u;?~
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